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Some examples of the results I have achieved

Case 1
Female aged 27 suffering from IBS and headaches.  After completing my questionnaire it transpires that she experienced energy slumps in the early evening and felt uncomfortable due to frequent bloating and flatulence.  After making a note of a typical day’s diet we moved on to the intolerance test.  The test indicated intolerance to tomatoes, wheat, turkey, E102 and E127.  I suggested that this client omit wheat, tomatoes and turkey from her diet and that she be aware of the colourings E102 (tartrazine) and E127 (Erythrosine).  I gave advice and handouts on alternative foods and grains that can be eaten instead of wheat and certain foods that can be incorporated into her diet that will alleviate constipation.  I also suggested she take certain natural supplements to help with her symptoms.  As a result of following my suggestions her IBS symptoms improved considerably, she did not experience such severe energy slumps in the early evenings and her headaches were less frequent.  She decided to persevere with the supplements and wheat free diet for another month before reintroducing wheat into her diet.  I provided information on the best way to reintroduce foods into her diet to enable her to monitor any changes in her condition.

Case 2
Female aged 37 suffering from headaches, constant tiredness, IBS symptoms, skin rashes, eczema and indigestion.  Her constant tiredness was interfering with her day-to-day life and her IBS, skin problems and indigestion were getting worse.  After completion of my questionnaire and taking a typical day’s diet we moved onto the intolerance test.  The test showed possible intolerance's to kiwi fruit, oats, yeast, E102 (tartrazine) and E110 (yellow/orange colouring).  A deficiency in omega 3 fats was also detected.  I suggested that she take wheat, oats and yeast out of her diet for at least a month, talked about alternatives and provided information sheets.  I suggested diet changes that would help alleviate her symptoms and supplements to aid her intolerance symptoms, including omega 3.  On following my advice her IBS symptoms reduced considerably, she had more energy, fewer headaches and indigestion.  She decided to continue with my advice.

Case 3
Boy aged 12 accompanied by his mother came to see me as he was suffering from constant diarrhoea and bloating.  After taking relevant diet details we moved onto the intolerance test.  His test results showed an adverse reaction to milk chocolate, cows milk, sheep’s milk and sugar cane.  Due to the symptoms being experienced, the fact that the client often craved milk and drank a large amount of it each day together with the reaction given by the machine it indicated a problem with dairy. I advised the client to omit all dairy produce from his diet for at least a month and suggested supplements.  We discussed alternatives to both cows and sheep’s milk and also foods that were high in calcium to be sure that levels were kept high.  As a result the diarrhoea stopped and his mother went on to refer a friend to me for an intolerance test.

Case 4
Female aged 62 suffering from constant headaches and tiredness, recent asthma and hayfever, constipation, bloating and ulcerative colitis. This client was also finding it difficult to loose weight on the slimfast diet. The intolerance test showed a reaction to rye, wheat and a few E numbers. The vitamin and mineral check showed this client was low in essential B vitamins. I requested that this client increase her water intake along with other dietary changes, including taking wheat and rye out of her diet. I suggested a few natural techniques to help with her constipation and a few supportive supplements also. At her review appointment 2 months later she confirmed that she had not had a headache since we last met. She no longer felt tired and her energy levels had increased. She had not experienced any hayfever or shortness of breath either. The discomfort from her ulcerative colitis had also improved considerably. This client was very pleased with the results.